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The Arts Council of the Eastern Shore (ACES) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the cultural enrichment of the people of Accomack and Northampton Counties. Its mission is to provide awareness and appreciation of performing and visual arts as well as an opportunity to attend and participate in high quality, professional arts activities. The Arts Council carries out its mission by presenting artists, not otherwise available on the Eastern Shore, to public and school audiences at locations throughout both counties. It offers diverse programs that include a series of performances, workshops for students and teachers, and scholarships for qualified individuals.  ACES is funded through private contributions, grants, ticket sales, membership dues and advertising fees.

The Arts Council of the Eastern Shore sponsors as many as six arts events from off the Shore during the course of a year. An effort is made to keep prices for these events low so as to be affordable to all. The cost of bringing these productions is sometimes partially defrayed by The National Endowment for the Arts, The Virginia Commission for the Arts, and/or by local sponsors. We seek support also from advertisers in the Program booklet and from Subscription Memberships. Student prices have remained at $5 for many years.  

The Arts Council each year awards Scholarships to students with an interest in the Arts.  Scholarships sometimes may go to very young students who will study during the summer, or they may go to help students who plan to major in some facet of the Arts in College.   

ACES also sponsors Art-in-the-Schools Workshops.  These classes are attended by local Art teachers.  New-found skills are then brought back to art classrooms, so that the effect of the workshops is far-reaching.

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